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Mother doing laundry with her baby

Washing, drying, ironing, sorting – laundry really is a never-ending job. If you’ve ever stuffed pants into the washing machine so the DCs won’t have to go commando tomorrow and wondered whether there’s a better way (who hasn’t?) then these hacks are for you. We’ve rounded up top tips from Mumsnetters on how to scale Dirty Washing Mountain once and for all..

Expand your laundry basket horizon

[quote ]I have a basket for darks and one for lights and do a wash when there’s enough of either, which saves on sorting. The kids have a small pop-up basket in each of their rooms too. [/quote]

[quote ]We have a big laundry basket in our bedroom to dump dirty clothes in, DCs have one in their room and I use a pop-up toy basket to transport the laundry downstairs.[/quote]

Assign certain clothes to certain days

[quote ]We’re a family of four, including a sweaty sporty teenage boy. I usually do the following: Mondays – towels; Tuesday – shirts and whites; Wednesday – brights (including school uniform); Thursday – darks; Weekend – lights, brights and darks again as needed.

Bedsheets are usually on Sunday or Monday and the sports kit goes in as needed. I put a wash on each morning, and take it out when I get home from work, mid-afternoon. Sorted! [/quote]

Just chuck everything in together

[quote ]Everything gets chucked in together indiscriminately. In fact the load I put in this morning had clothes, a towel, a bath mat, a dishcloth, a stuffed horse and a stuffed wooly mammoth in it. I probably won't tumble dry the livestock. [/quote]

[quote ]I don't separate darks and lights and never have, with no ill effects I can see. Everything for me, DH and DS goes in one basket and when it's full I chuck it in the wash. [/quote]

Don’t stress about ironing

[quote ]I always assess whether or not I will have time for ironing this week, as at the end of the day it’s not an essential chore. If not, I put the clothes away and I don't leave them out waiting for a chance to be ironed. [/quote]

[quote ]I never iron, and instead get away with strategic drying and canny clothes-buying, i.e. not buying anything that looks like it would crease horribly. [/quote]

Use your washing machine to get clothes that smell like a summer’s breeze

[quote ]I put a few drops of my fave essential oil in the conditioner drawer – it smells delicious and is cheap and easy. [/quote]

[quote ]I am a recent fabric conditioner convert. I didn't used to use it but decided to give it a go. The washing now comes off the line and is simply given a good shake and fold. Virtually nothing needs ironing. [/quote]

[quote ]If you frequently change your fabric softener you don’t get so used to the smell of it – so your clothes always smell amazing! [/quote]

And if all else fails, call upon the power of Mumsnet

[quote ]I get the laptop, open it and suspend the clothes above a good AIBU thread. I find the flaming dries the clothes nice and quickly. [/quote]