Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 9"

Week 9
Your body in week 9
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You've probably noticed that you need to wee more frequently now - this is because your body is producing more blood to support your baby, which has to be filtered through the kidneys, resulting in more trips to the loo.

It can be a bit of a pain at night, when your newly sensitive bladder can have you up and down with trips to the loo, just when you could really do with some uninterrupted sleep. 

Try cutting back on fluids in the couple of hours before bed and cut out caffeine altogether as it’s a diuretic. Also, try rocking back and forth when you're on the loo to completely empty your bladder. If passing urine hurts, see your doctor within 24 hours. There are antibiotics that are safe to take during pregnancy which can sort this out. 
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The location of toilets becomes one's first priority.
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