Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 9"

Week 9
Your baby in week 9
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This week's exciting news is that your little embryo is now <drumroll> a foetus! Why? Because the little tail has gone, making her more human, less tadpole. The resemblance to a jelly bean is still strong, however.
The foetus is growing quickly, ready to impress you at your scan, which you'll have at around 12 weeks. She’s now about 3cm long and will double in size over the next few weeks. The nose, eyelids, tongue, cartilage and hair follicles are all growing fast.

Your baby can already bend her fingers around an object in the palm of her hand, though how we know this is a mystery - there's not much to grab onto in the womb just yet. She is already developing reflexes, however. If she is touched on the side of the foot now she would pull her foot away. 

In a few weeks’ time, she will start to move towards things that touch her, rather than away from them.
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I look really bloated but I'm sure it can't be a bump yet - can it? 
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