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Around now you may be feeling the odd twinge as your growing uterus stretches the ligaments that attach it to your abdominal wall stretch. There’s going to be a lot of stretching going on in there over the coming months but if the pain is severe or you notice bleeding, you should see your doctor.

Bleeding is very common in pregnancy and most of the time is nothing to worry about at all, but occasionally it can be a sign of complications so if you do experience bleeding it’s always worth getting it checked out. Call your midwife, GP or nearest antenatal unit. They may want you to attend the maternity day unit for an examination or ultrasound scan to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and possible development problems.

During early pregnancy, if there is a heartbeat on the scan between seven and 11 weeks then the chance of the pregnancy continuing normally is high.

They may also want to do some blood tests to check your hormone levels or your rhesus status if this has not been checked previously. Active heavy bleeding and/or abdominal pain may require you to attend A&E.
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Every time I have had any bleeding I‘ve always asked for a scan - you are entitled to it. You will only know what your outcome is by having a scan. Don't worry and suffer alone. I have had bleeding every pregnancy. Two have been fine and two haven't.
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I had bleeding a lot through my first pregnancy, which turned out to be nothing, but I would give your midwife or maternity unit a ring to be on the safe side, or if only to give you peace of mind.
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