Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 8"

Week 8
Your body in week 8
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Welcome to your new norks. The big breast surge is almost over by week eight, you’ll be relieved to hear. Your boobs grow more in the first trimester than during any other (they'll have another little growth spurt later on, as they prepare for breastfeeding). 

Now is the time to invest in some new pregnancy bras. Avoid the underwired kind though - they'll dig in and that's not good for any breasts, let alone pregnant ones. 

Boobs might also feel a bit sore and tingly, and be darker in the areola (the bit around the nipple). Montgomery's Tubercles, which may sound like a provincial brass band but are in fact tiny glands, develop in the areolas ready to make the lubricating fluid that will protect your nipples during breastfeeding.
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My boobs are increasing at a rate of knots and I am spending rather a lot on bras. But quite frankly I need to feel good and I hate the thought of my boobs sitting slackly either side of my bump.
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