Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 8"

Week 8
Your baby in week 8
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Week eight - you’re officially a fifth of the way through your pregnancy, would you believe? 

Your embryo is about the size of a 5p piece now and has a spinal cord, backbone, stomach and intestine all in development. His legs are getting longer and his hands and feet looking a bit less ‘amphibian’ which, let’s face it, is a tough look to carry off. 

Soon, he will officially be known as a ‘foetus’ rather than an ‘embryo’ and to mark the occasion will be growing a neck! The heart is beating quickly - at about 160 bpm, twice the rate of an adult's. 

*Aaaaaaw klaxon* Your baby is developing the first of his five senses this week, that of touch. From around week eight he can feel touch on both his cheeks and lips - in readiness for an awful lot of kissing and cheek-squidging when he arrives, no doubt. 

The face is naturally the first place he will experiment with touching - before he reaches out for the umbilical cord, or legs. You might even catch him on a scan picture with his hand held to his face or sucking a tiny thumb in a few weeks’ time.
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My husband is constantly having to remind me that I'm growing a whole new person when I dissolve into another puddle of tears over being too tired to do anything useful.
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