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Week 7
Your baby in week 7
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Welcome to week seven. Your baby has put on some serious timber this week, and now measures 1.25cm - about the size of a Dolly Mixture. It may not sound like much but compare that to last week’s lentil and it’s clear she’s been putting in the hours in the last seven days.

And she’s no longer sitting around idly, either; if you had a window onto the womb, you’d see that she’s already started making little jerky movements that look like a primitive form of twerking. Her nervous system is well underway and her brain, spinal cord and nerve cells are all developing at a pace, too.

Exciting times ahead though - your baby is beginning to get her own lovely fizzog. Her face is starting to really take shape now with tiny nostrils, a little dip that will become ears and an opening where the mouth will be. 

Just think… one day a long time from now, that tiny little mouth will be shouting down the stairs that they hate you and wish they’d never been born! But it’s also the same mouth that will (a lot sooner) whisper “I luff you, Mummy” in your ear. Best focus on that, maybe.
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I'm going through a phase where I just can't believe I'm pregnant! I'm sure this must be really common...
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The umbilical cord is more developed now - it will carry nutrients and oxygen to your baby and take waste back to the placenta to be disposed of. It takes just 30 seconds for blood to get there, drop off the good stuff and come back again. Like a biological relay race.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be feeling quite so sprightly right now. In fact, you might be feeling pretty premenstrual - grumpy, emotional and tired, and as though you've been thrown back to the teenage years, complete with pimples. It's just the pregnancy hormones at work and things will even out pretty soon.

Hormones also relax the walls of your blood vessels to allow all the extra blood you're producing to support the growth of the baby get around. This may make you feel light-headed and dizzy. Rest as much as you can - easier said than done when you may not yet have told friends and colleagues. 
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