Pregnancy App Article: "What's new? Cravings"

Week 6
Pregnancy cravings
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You know you’re pregnant when you eat a whole bar of chocolate without stopping to breathe. Oh, OK, so you did that pre-pregnancy. Long live cravings!

Studies show that up to 90 per cent of pregnant women will experience a craving (usually for something sweet, but sometimes you might have a terrible urge to lick the damp floor of your shed), and more than half will go off at least one food so badly that they can’t even look at it without wanting to heave.

Cravings are usually most acute during the first trimester. No one really knows why we get them, but it could be to do with the wild hormonal changes during pregnancy - the same hormonal changes that leave some women with a strange metallic taste in the mouth. 

Sadly, there is usually nothing glamorous about the cravings. They are rarely for pomegranates or sugared almonds. Mumsnetters have admitted to having yearnings for marinated anchovies, steak fat, strawberries dipped in coleslaw and washing powder (note that some of these are OK to indulge in; others are not).

Sometimes the desire can be overpowering and the quantity required is often as astonishing as the urgency. And, just like a fried breakfast after a night on the tequilas, the need to have whatever it is can become ferocious.
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I’m a vegetarian but I think I can smell one of those bad little burger vans calling me.
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I used to crunch ice cubes and went through a huge bag from the supermarket one hot afternoon.
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I wanted milk so badly I walked to the local shop, but couldn’t wait until I got home, so - very embarrassingly - chugged a good pint in the street from a two-litre carton.
Quote 3 - Author
Quote 4
My craving was fizzy cola-bottle sweets. I used to get through bags of them a day. The paper shop started making bags up for me before I even got there.
Quote 4 - Author
Quote 5
I had to have a banana in the middle of the night. My partner woke up and muttered about being in bed with a ruddy chimp.
Quote 5 - Author
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