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Week 6
Your baby in week 6
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Congratulations! You’re six weeks pregnant so the news is probably still just sinking in. How you’re feeling right now differs very much from person to person. 

Physically you might already be feeling pretty awful, or you could have absolutely no symptoms at all. Equally, on the emotional side, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, or you could have a strong sense already that life has changed irrevocably and will never be the same again (in a good way!).

Your baby is tiny, just 10-14mm from crown to rump, (the ubiquitous ‘size of a lentil’ in the pregnancy books). However, despite his diminutive proportions, your tiny bean or pulse has lots going on at the moment. The embryo starts life as one cell, then two, then four, then eight, and so on, and develops first into a flat disc with three layers of cells. 

From this stage it then starts to grow into a shape that is more recognisable as something that is, if not human, at least an animal of some sort. By week six, he already has a heart that is beating and has all four chambers. His lungs and nervous system are developing, too. Fast work, shorty!
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I worked out that I'm 1/8 of the way through this pregnancy already! Still feeling really nervous about it all, but so excited at the same time.
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It’s hard to believe that what is barely more than a bundle of cells will one day be a walking, talking human being with their own personality. He’s already got paddle-shaped hands and feet with tiny grooves down them that will one day be fingers and toes. 

Follow your baby’s progress here from today to the moment you hold him in your arms.
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