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Week 40
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Mumsnetters on how they felt at week 40...
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There is NO sign of baby wanting to make any move. I'm going slightly stir-crazy after finishing work two weeks ago, and everything is an effort. Just fed up now and want my baby!
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Keeping busy to try to stop thinking about it. People keep asking if anything is happening. Obviously bloody not otherwise you would know!
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Quote 3
This is so tedious. I feel like everyone (including me) is waiting for my body to do something that it just won't do.
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Quote 4
I'm thinking about unpacking and re-packing my hospital bag just for something to do!
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Quote 5
My lovely friend who was due on the same day and was sharing my overdue fed-upness gave birth this morning. I'm so happy for her but feeling a tad hormonal now. So fed up...why doesn't he want to meet us?! WE ARE READY FOR YOU!
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You're nearly there - what does week 40 look like?
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