Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Life after birth"

Week 40
Your first day home with baby
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However much you've prepared yourself, it will be a bit of a shock once you’ve got over that feeling of ‘CRIKEY MOSES! THEY LET US TAKE A REAL HUMAN BEING HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL AND NOW WE HAVE TO RAISE IT OURSELVES!’ Ahem.

Not all babies do as the books say and sleep soundly for 18 out of every 24 hours for the first few days. Accept now that you aren’t going to get anything done for a few weeks bar feeding and changing nappies. 

If you are blessed with a sleeper, make the most of it: try to sleep when your baby sleeps, no matter if it is the middle of the day. More likely, he will refuse to drop off unless you are holding, rocking or feeding him; this is normal, too, just more annoying. But these are very early days, and it’s just a case of getting through them. Now is not the time to start flicking breathlessly through the Owner’s Manual searching for the chapter on sleep training. It will get better, honest.

Don’t feel pressured to meet your public. If you want privacy, head straight for your bed and camp there John-and-Yoko-style for as long as it takes. But if you were hoping for more of a celebration, invite people over and pop open some champagne; just make sure they wash their own glasses and don’t let them outstay their welcome. Every set of parents needs a secret code – a fake cough or rub of the eye – to indicate to the other half that now’s time to start moving guests towards the front door, so agree on one now. Otherwise, you may find yourself using the time-to-leave code of sobbing hysterically. You’re not being rude, you’ve just had a baby.
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Good luck, insist on no visitors until you're ready, and don't lift a finger to do any housework!
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I was desperate to show my daughter off and we didn't know what to do with ourselves, so went down the road to the pub to celebrate.
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At some point after the birth you may start to feel low. These feelings are completely normal and will pass. Be sure to do something nice for yourself everyday - use some nice body lotion or eat a favourite meal.
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If you're struggling, whatever the time of day, post on Mumsnet. There is always someone about to help.
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Go with the flow, that's a good general tip for having children, full stop. Be prepared to be led by them, as newborns their instincts are pretty bang on.
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