Pregnancy App Article: "When labour starts"

Week 40
What to do when you're in labour
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Got your bunting ready and your entire family on speed dial? Or are you hoping for a more low key entry to labour?

These Mumsnetters tell us what they did when they realised they were in labour:
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Quote 1
With my son, I decided to empty a big wardrobe of all the crap that I had chucked in there. I filled up six black bags of rubbish. It took me about six hours and by the time I finished I knew I should get to the hospital. I was 7cm.
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Quote 2
I woke in labour and went into full-on panic. Even the neighbours heard me screaming. Got to hospital and it all stopped!
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Quote 3
With my first son, I didn't realise I was in labour as I was being sick and had the runs (as well as getting pains) so thought it was food poisoning from our night out. I spent most of the time pacing the front room thinking I was never going to cope with labour if I couldn't cope with this
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Quote 4
I am terrible - I went to the pub with my husband! It was just for lunch and alcohol wasn't involved but our home was full of builders and our daughter had gone to the grandparents' so we had a meal together on our tod. Wasn't the most relaxing but actually made for a nicer labour as I was aware of other people enjoying their lunch!
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Quote 5
I was induced in hospital and too afraid to have an epidural so I just screamed when I had gas and air and wheezed when I didn’t. It passed the time
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