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Week 40
Your baby in week 40
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This. Is. It.    

Your baby is about to undergo a massive change of surroundings - from the inside, to the outside. In this bright, loud world, your heartbeat and voice will be soothing and familiar - so hold your new baby close, while he or she adjusts to a tidal wave of new sensations.  

As soon as he is born and takes that first breath, an enormous physical change occurs: the blood in his lungs will be oxygenated, and he will breathe - for the very first time! - at a rate of 50 breaths per minute.

Your baby will typically weigh around 3.5kg - but babies come in many shapes and sizes. He will look like a real individual now, and you'll be able to pick yours out in a room jam-packed with babies (just in case you’d been worried about the possibility of having to choose yours from a line-up).

First-time mums-to-be will have an antenatal appointment at 40 weeks and anyone who gets to 41 weeks is asked to come in again and have a chat to the midwives about options for induction. You might be offered a ‘sweep’, too, to get things started.

Finally, don't worry if you don't feel overwhelmed with love for your baby as soon as you see them; sometimes the whoosh of love can take a while. It doesn't mean you won't be a great mum - you'll be the best you can be, and that will be more than good enough, we promise.
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I remember complaining to my consultant that I was sure I was never going to give birth and he kindly assured me that there was no medical record of anyone ever getting to 10 months pregnant. Somehow my pregnancy addled brain found this comforting.
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I should probably pack my hospital bag now. I'd like her to stay in for just a little while longer so I can get stuff ready!
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