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Week 39
The final furlong
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Netflix and chill - literally
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What do you DO all day? Don’t knock it. The days you spend on maternity leave before the baby arrives are pretty precious. Here’s how other mums made the most of them.
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I was exhausted and spent most of the time in bed either sleeping or reading and I consumed a LOT of chocolate.
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I went on mat leave at 38 weeks. I filled the time batch-cooking, lunching with friends, spa day, pedicure, cinema, afternoon naps, reading. It was lovely. I haven't been to the cinema since actually and my daughter is 20 months and number two is on the way!
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Read books, slept, had lovely baths and chilled out. Ooh, and drinks in nice cafes with a favourite book, too.
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My aim was to do one baby-related task, one social activity and one piece of gentle exercise every day. I didn't necessarily achieve that, but I like to have a plan!
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