Pregnancy App Article: "Last-minute prep"

Week 39
Planning ahead
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Assuming you’re not at work, the last week or two of pregnancy is the time to prep like the apocalypse is nigh. 

Get a haircut - it may be the last chance you get for a while (and you'll be pleased you did when you look back at your triumphant after-the-birth pics). Don’t feel the need to get ‘a nice easy-to-care-for bob’ like all the pregnancy manuals suggest (unless that’s what you want, of course). Just get a nice haircut that makes you feel good. 

If you feel up to it, get some shopping in, too, and do some batch-cooking for the freezer. It's hard to overstate the joy of a pre-prepped, home-cooked meal in those first few weeks with a newborn.
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Get loads of the fancy ready-meals and pop them in the freezer. My husband and I got very sick of pizza in the first weeks!
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I've just spent the last hour getting a head, neck, back and shoulder massage. I'm so zen right now; it's the best £40 I've spent in the last nine months.
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Enjoy carrying a small bag with just your purse, phone and keys with you. Next time it will be an oversized nappy bag.
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Practise saying 'The kitchen's over there, mine's milk no sugar,' for when guests come over.
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