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Week 39
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Worried that your waters will break in some hideously public location? Don't be: nine out of 10 women's waters break during labour itself, so it's very unlikely to happen in M&S.  If by chance you are the one in 10, at least you'll have a good story to share on Mumsnet Talk afterwards [wink].

Here are a few more stories from mums on where they were when their waters broke...
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My waters broke in the lighting department in B&Q - most embarrassing. I shuffled home very quickly!
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Beautiful sunny day, full term, off to the local park for picnic and they went in the middle of the street, huge gush, passing some little old man sitting in his front garden. He thought it was hilarious.
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Quote 3
Both times, my waters broke really spectacularly but I was at home. Second time I'd just come back from a shopping trip to John Lewis, so missed out on their legendary free baby stuff if your waters break in storeā€¦
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Quote 4
At a Christmas meal out with my my husband's big boss. Who was seated on the next chair to me. Everyone was in a panic except me and I stayed to have pudding before going to hospital.
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We were just on our way out to a barbecue and the in-laws were with us (thank God or the crib would never have been put together!).
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