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Week 39
Your baby in week 39
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By now you're probably feeling like it's been a long old haul - but we promise it will all be worth it once you've got a gorgeous, squishy newborn in your arms.

At 39 weeks your baby has less and less room - but she is still active, especially when she sees light through your abdominal wall. Brace!

The amniotic fluid that has been cushioning her in your womb has fallen from 800ml at 32 weeks to 500ml to make more room so you feel her movements much more definitely.

Your immunity to various infections will have been transferred (as antibodies) through the placenta to your baby. And, if you go on to breastfeed, your milk gives your baby more antibodies still.

You can try communicating with your baby by playing soothing music when you lie down at night - but, alas, there is no evidence that bombarding them with Shakespeare and Mozart will do anything for their development.

If you see the midwife this week you may hear your antenatal team talking about how effaced you are - or, more precisely, how effaced your cervix is. This is the process by which the cervix gets soft and prepares for the grand opening. After your baby has engaged in the pelvis, they gradually drop closer to the cervix, which reacts by softening, shortening and getting thinner, and generally looking lovely.
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My bump is a right little party animal. Never mind classical music - she likes Garage, Indie/Rock and HipHop.
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I call my bump 'The nightmare that will not leave'. I am 10 days overdue…
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