Pregnancy App Article: "Hanging on the telephone"

Week 38
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Are you starting to get The Calls? ‘Any news?’ ‘Had that baby yet?’ etc etc… Everyone’s suddenly a comedian (or just nosy) when you’re a matter of days off dropping a sprog, aren’t they?

If it makes you feel better, all friends and relatives of Mumsnetters seem to be equally irritating on this front. It is par for the course, apparently... 
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I had about four weeks of daily phone calls and texts. I very nearly lost my rag a few times.... as if I'd forget to tell my family I'd had the bloody baby!
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I kind of want to do a mass message to people: 'Still pregnant, waters intact, cervix not dilated, plug not passed'.
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I'm just a little vague about the exact date I'm due in case I go over (I say mid month). I thought it would deter people from making stupid comments. It doesn't.
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I got extremely ratty by 42 weeks and started hissing at people: 'Yes I had the baby a month ago but just couldn't be bothered to tell anyone'.
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