Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 38"

Week 38
Your baby in week 38
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You're probably getting tetchy because you haven't met your baby yet, but bear with: some really quite important stuff is still happening in these final few weeks.

His bones are hardening, although the skull bones will stay soft a little longer to help him get down the birth canal. He’s practising hard for his first independent breath (in effect, he’s a water baby, breathing underwater at the moment). His lungs are ready to breathe independently, but they will go on developing long after birth.

Your baby will hiccup a lot around this time as the amniotic fluid he’s breathing in can tickle his throat. And he will be learning how to coordinate things so he can suck, swallow and breathe at the same time (a crucial skill, and an excellent pub trick if he can continue to achieve this for the next 18 years).

He’ll also have been developing a routine, and will be in an active state about 40 per cent of the time - moving legs and arms about, and practising those breathing movements. His heart will consequently beat a bit faster, but will return to normal when snoozing.

You may be at the stage by now at which your fear of childbirth is overtaken by a desperate need to get the bloody baby out. You’re likely to have another antenatal appointment this week - something to break up the monotony?!
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As it got closer, I stopped worrying about the birth because I got so fed up with being pregnant. The thought of not carrying the baby inside me began to seem really deeply enticing. 
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