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Week 37
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You'll probably be getting some swelling by this stage, even if you’ve got away with it up until now - your blood volume has increased, and that's pushing other fluids into the tissue surrounding the blood vessels. You might, alas, find you need to buy a new pair of shoes just for these last weeks. Every cloud, eh?

If you’re having a summer baby, you have the option of Crocs or wide-fitting sandals such as Birkenstocks. If it’s hot enough you could conceivably go barefoot, though you might end up on a Social Services list if you show up to the labour ward without shoes.

Winter-labouring women have less choice unfortunately, unless you are particularly hardy. Many an imminent-mum-to-be has found herself staring in a panic at a wardrobe full of shoes, none of which will go on her feet. Uggs are a good option if you have some lurking in the back of the cupboard. Otherwise, well… Thank heavens for next-day internet deliveries. Lord knows what our forebears did at this point. Fashion some footwear from tin foil, we imagine.
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I had this problem in my pregnancy. All I can say is you're lucky it's getting towards sandals season! I was stuck with Birkies, and 2 pairs of ballet flats which didn't really cover much of the top of my foot
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Skechers memory foam sole shoes are very comfy and forgiving, I have them in a size bigger and they ease the pain in my pelvis and hips.
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