Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 37"

Week 37
Your body in week 37
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Your cervix is getting ready to give birth - it's getting softer and thinner. One sign that labour may be imminent is a ‘show’. No, not the high-kicking chorus-line type, but your mucus plug coming away. This is a globule of mucus from the cervix that ‘seals’ your womb during pregnancy. It may look like a blob of jelly or it may appear as a pinkish-red or brownish vaginal discharge. 

Although it doesn’t mean the baby’s arrival is imminent, it is an indication that the end (of the waiting) is nigh - definitely make sure your hospital bag is packed and there’s petrol in the car.
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I had a brown sticky discharge but no jelly plug.
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The show actually reminded me of a raw scallop!
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