Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 37"

Week 37
Your baby in week 37
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From this week onwards your baby is considered a term baby - you might not be ready, but your baby certainly is, and you'll be meeting her very soon <gulp>. She weighs on average just under 3kg. That’s about the same as a large bag of dishwasher salt. And you’d better get used to lugging one of them around with gay abandon over the next few years...

She’s getting rounder and has a fully developed face with tiny eyelashes and eyebrows. Her lanugo hair has mostly gone, falling into the amniotic fluid before being swallowed. It'll eventually be turned into meconium (your baby's first bowel movement). That’s right. She grew hair all over her body, shed it, ate it, and turned it into poo - which is either amazing or disturbing, depending on your constitution.

Babies don't move less in late pregnancy, they just have less room. So, if you think your baby is moving less frequently, or hasn't moved for a while, drink some cold water, lie down, and see if she moves. If you're not sure, ring your doctor or midwife to put your mind at rest.
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You will get a small, completely dependent human being at the end of this. I think you get fixated with the journey sometimes and forget about the destination.
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