Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Crowning"

Week 36
What to expect: Crowning
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"Love," sang Johnny Cash, "is a burning thing." Johnny wasn’t wrong. Although, not all women experience the ‘burning sensation’ as the baby’s head crowns, so you could get lucky. 

Women who have been there reveal whether they felt the Ring Of Fire:
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Very distinctive feeling. First time, I remember shouting 'It's burning!' The midwife nodded knowingly. Baby was born within minutes. Second time, when I felt the ring of fire I shouted 'It's coming now!' and the midwife had a quick look and said 'Yes the head is right there.' Baby was born in minutes.
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No, I definitely didn't. First labour was epidural so doesn't count. But second had no pain medication at all.
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Absofuckinglutely I did! I don't think it’s something you forget!
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I didn’t feel it. I do remember when my son was crowning, feeling very clearly that my whole pelvis was FULL of his head, like I could feel it bone on bone. It didn't hurt as such, just a rather unpleasant overwhelming feeling! It was over quickly though.
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Stung like hell. No pain relief though and a child with a head above the 99.4 percentile line. Was bound to smart slightly.
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