Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 36"

Week 36
Your body in week 36
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If your baby's head has engaged, then your bump will have 'dropped' down. The good news is that this should mean your stomach will feel more normal, heartburn should ease up, and you'll be able to breathe more easily (and not just because you know the end is in sight).

The less good news is that the lower part of your back can ache as you will, without meaning to, tilt back to compensate for your centre of gravity moving further forward. And you'll need to pee more frequently as your baby's head is now bouncing on your bladder. Talk about a design flaw.

You may feel you are waddling along with a bowling ball between your legs. Definitely worth focusing on your pelvic floor exercises around now…
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Whilst I can breathe now, my cervix is taking a battering: whenever I kneel/squat down I get a very odd bearing down sensation that makes me feel the need to engage my pelvic floor muscles as if to keep everything in.
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Feeling very heavy of late and getting from horizontal to vertical is proving more challenging each day
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