Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Home birth"

Week 36
Planning a home water birth
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If you’re having a home birth, you’ll need to get a few bits and pieces in. Don’t panic - the whole point of a home birth after all is that it should be low maintenance. But there are a few things you might want - mainly just to help prevent your home resembling a scene from Dexter afterwards. 

Here are some recommendations from other Mumsnetters for your home birth shopping list:
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A couple of cheap shower curtains to put on the floor and put throws/a duvet cover over the top. Biscuits for the midwife.
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Birthing pool, floor covering, sieve, heart monitor (midwife dropped hers in pool and the only reason we got to stay home was because I had one), Lucozade tablets, ice, a clock.
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 Loads more towels than you think.
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A torch was useful for us so the midwife could see what was going on - our lights are quite dim.
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 If you want music, plan ahead of time or you may end up listening to French rap (thanks, BBC 6 Music!).
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