Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 36"

Week 36
Your baby in week 36
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This is the last week that your baby will be considered 'pre-term' - if he is born next week, he won't be thought of as premature. He is about 47cm head to heel now and is thwacking on the weight at a rate of 30g a day. That’s a packet of Milky Bar Buttons each day (the remaining five packets of Milky Bar Buttons you’ll get through each day will make their way directly to your hips, rather than your baby’s).

Your son or daughter will be born with their own personality. How they behave, how calm or unsettled they are - all that's already being determined.

He’s sleeping more these days - but in between, he’s fully alert, getting ready to engage with the world beyond your womb.

Any time now, the baby's head will 'engage' - which means it'll drop down into the pelvis, en route to the birth canal (and beyond). If you've already had a baby (or two, or three...) engagement can take a little longer - your muscles are a wee bit slacker, so the baby bobs about for a little longer, and might not fully engage until just before you go into labour. 

If you're having twins (or more), only one baby will engage - even the most child-bearing of hips don't have room for two. After the first is born, the other will engage - just before the second innings.
Ask for double helpings of tea and toast after pushing out two of the little blighters, and even the cash-strapped NHS will probably feel duty-bound to supply it.
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My bump literally dropped overnight - I now have a flat hand-width between boobs and bump!
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