Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Nesting instinct"

Week 35
Nesting instinct
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Got a sudden urge to clear out years' worth of clutter? Obsessed with cleaning nooks and crannies that have, till now, been a stranger to mop or cloth? Go with it - the most casually houseproud can find themselves overtaken by the nesting instinct around now. 

It's nature's way of getting you emotionally prepped for a new baby. Just avoid wobbly ladders when tackling the tops of your kitchen cabinets. 
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I get a flurry of energy every now and again and clean like crazy then go back to 'on standby' like a TV.
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Get your house clean if you can - because you won't be doing any cleaning once the baby is here.
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Take unwanted clothes/items to a charity shop; it's amazing how cluttered the house gets once PFB arrives.
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