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Week 35
Your baby in week 35
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Your baby continues to develop right up until the moment of birth - and this week, nature is working on the finishing touches. She may have a good mop of hair (up to a few centimetres long, even) and is getting chubbier by the day. This week she weighs 2.1kg - about the same as a bag of Maris Pipers.

Her lungs are almost ready for independent breathing, and vital survival instincts are ready to go - the ability to grasp, respond to light and sound, and seek for a nipple and suck.

She’s likely to be floating head down now, (cephalic) rather than head up (breech, when your baby is buttocks- or feet-down in the pelvis). 

You're more likely to have a breech baby if you have a lot of amniotic fluid, your placenta is lying low in your womb, or if you're having more than one baby. About four per cent of babies are breech at 37 weeks - your doctor may suggest trying to turn your baby by manipulating them through your abdomen, but there's still time for her to flip over on her own.
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My daughter turned from breech at about week 38/39 all by herself while I was in the bath (it was like a disco inside when she did it - although I didn't realise it was her actually turning till my next appointment). 
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If you needed an anti-D injection because you’re rhesus negative, you might have the second ‘dose’ this week.

It’s very common to start feeling quite apprehensive about birth around this time. Shit, as they say, is about to get real, after all. But remember you’re not alone in this - no one ever swanned into the labour ward in a state of confident calm. The chances of anything going wrong are minimal and, while birth is certainly no picnic, you will get through it by hook or by crook. And possibly by crochet hook if you have a big tear.
However your labour and birth goes, you’ll forget all about it in the seconds after they give you your baby. Some women forget so thoroughly they even go on to have a second one!
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