Pregnancy App Article: "Sciatica - pain in pregnancy"

Week 34
Sciatica in pregnancy
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A right pain
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Sciatica is quite common in pregnancy - and it hurts. It's caused by nerve compression. It feels like a sharp, constant pain in your lower back that shoots down the backs of one or both legs, and can be accompanied by weakness and/or pins and needles, too.

If the pain makes you nauseous, or if the weakness becomes really bad, then pop (or hobble) along to your doctor - they may be able to help.
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Back supports are really good, and so are those gel packs that you can get in pharmacies. They're really worth getting as you can have a cold one in the morning (when the pain is at its worst) and then maybe a hot one later on. They are re-usable and can be kept in the freezer, or warmed up with water from the kettle.
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