Pregnancy App Article: "Planning ahead: Gas and air"

Week 34
Planning ahead
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Gas and air in labour
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If you’re still considering your pain relief options, entonox - aka gas and air - is women’s number-one choice when it comes to the labour-ward menu. It’s definitely recommended as a starter, although you might want to move on to something more substantial for the main course. 

You inhale a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mouthpiece and are transformed into the 21st-century equivalent of Oscar Wilde. It takes roughly 20 seconds to start working, and the idea is that you inhale just before the start of each contraction.

Entonox doesn’t block out the pain completely, but you will feel so squiffy that you might not register it in the same way. And it won’t affect your baby or your contractions. Should it make you feel sick, or odd in a not-good way, you can stop using it straight away and the effects should quickly wear off.
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I loved gas and air. They had to gently wrestle it from me, saying, 'Your baby is born, you can stop using it now.'
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I never really got to grips with it. I knew I was supposed to time my inhalation with the contraction, but couldn’t remember how and just got cross with my husband for not remembering how to do it either.
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I thought I was the bee’s knees while on the gas and air, cracking jokes, telling stories, reciting poems. Then I glanced over at my husband and the midwife who were sitting by my bed, totally po-faced.
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