Pregnancy App Article: "Your body in week 34"

Week 34
Your body in week 34
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Had enough of being pregnant? By this stage, it can all start to feel a bit much - you're large, unwieldy and possibly leaky (from your nipples and/or your nethers - joy indeed!). 

Swimming is a bit of a lifesaver in the last weeks of pregnancy - the sensation of weightlessness can feel like blessed relief, particularly if you’re suffering from backache.

And this might be an excellent time to treat yourself (or better yet, get someone to treat you) to a useful pregnancy gift: a maternity pillow can feel pretty lovely around now. 
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It becomes astonishingly difficult to put your knickers on unassisted.
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My sister told me I was waddling. She meant it affectionately, but I burst into tears and was still sobbing 20 minutes later.
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