Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 34"

Week 34
Your baby in week 34
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You’re T minus six weeks. Even though B-day is fast approaching, there are still some crucial physical developments going on in there.

Your baby's lungs are still growing - the number of air sacs is increasing all the time, and their walls are getting thinner to enable oxygen to get through faster. If your baby were born this week, they'd still need some help breathing - but very shortly he will be able to breathe on his own.

The brain is continuing to develop and his head is growing. If you're wondering how the heck that growing head will get down the birth canal, don't panic - the bones of your baby's skull don't fuse together until after birth, and can overlap as you push them out. 

Your baby's body is now 15% fat - they're getting much more squishy now, in prep for newborn cuddles...
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I'm 34+4 and my bum is as big as my bump - but hey, you know what, I'm growing a freaking human so I can look like a blimp and not care, because all this is pretty amazing!
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