Pregnancy App Article: "What's new? Dreaming"

Week 33
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Not so sweet dreams
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Many pregnant women report having extremely vivid dreams throughout pregnancy, which can be quite traumatic nightmares, often about bad things happening to the baby.

Other dreams may be more symbolic: burglars or kidnappers invading your house are very common, and driving in a car with no brakes is another frequently reported night-time adventure during pregnancy (you can imagine Freud chuckling to himself).

It also seems quite common to have dreams in which your partner has been very naughty, perhaps running off with another family which he has previously failed to mention, which can understandably put you in a very bad mood with him when you wake up.

Birth dreams are quite common, too, and giving birth to animals is also completely normal (we are still on dreams here, so don’t panic). You might spot hamsters, guinea pigs, litters of kittens and even a moth during your night time wanderings.

On the plus side, the other type of dream that can plague the pregnant lady is the erotic dream, sometimes complete with orgasm. Here’s hoping you get lucky in Dream Land...
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I dreamt the baby had been born, but it was a ferret. I had hold of this ferret with my norks out and kept trying to latch it on.
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I had a dream that the anaesthetic for the birth knocked me out for three weeks, and by the time I came round, my husband had called the baby Shelby. I chased him round the house shrieking: 'F**king SHELBY? What the F*CK were you thinking?'
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I dreamt that Doctor Who had got me pregnant!
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I took my filthy dreams as compensation for 21 weeks of morning sickness.
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I had a rather rude dream about Boris Johnson.
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Yes, there’s always a short straw to be drawn.
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