Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Sleepless nights"

Week 33
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Can't get no sleep
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It can feel impossible to get to sleep in your third trimester. Just as you get comfy, your baby will shift position and the tossing and turning starts all over again. Next, you'll be waddling off to the toilet - and you may also find that even when you're quiet in bed, your mind is working overtime.

When you are asleep, it's common to get strange and very vivid dreams in pregnancy that can be upsetting and feel very real - but remember, they're not!

They can be sexual or involve the death or illness of children or babies, but they don't mean anything, we promise. They're normal dreams - you're just more likely to recall them because your sleep is interrupted. 
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Honestly, being pregnant has really hit me this week. I'm like a turtle stuck on it's back when I'm trying to roll over in bed; hate it!
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Pornographic dreams - and with the most random participants. Best = Jack Bauer. Most disturbing so far = Jeremy Paxman.
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