Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 33"

Week 33
Your baby in week 33
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Week 33 is a red-letter moment: your baby can now suck, and remarkably hard, too. This Dyson-like grip is a crucial skill that she will rely on for months and months after she’s born.

She’s still putting on weight, though not quite as rapidly as previously - space is at a premium now (but you don't need us to tell you that).

She weighs 1.9kg - about the same as a pineapple - how exotic!

During this last trimester she will be swallowing up to a litre of amniotic fluid a day - and amazingly, may already be developing a taste for specific foods, since the things you eat filter into the fluid.

Her heart rate has slowed to a relaxed 142 bpm now. It speeds up when she moves around, peaks around 8am to 10am, and slows down again in the wee small hours.

She is also experiencing her first REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and, according to some researchers, may be having dreams too. Heaven knows what about - something womb-related, presumably!

A degree of trepidation (or even downright bricking it) is normal as the reality of looming labour dawns. Your antenatal classes should help you feel a bit calmer and the chance to talk through your worries with other women in the same position often puts things in perspective.
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Not only can I not wait to meet my little sproglet, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to lying down in any position I want and not being in constant pain all night. Apparently newborns can sleep for a whole two hours at a time? Sounds like bloody heaven to me.
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