Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Contractions"

Week 32
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You might be wondering what contractions will feel like. Lots of women worry that they won’t recognise them (trust us, you will know when you’re in labour). Here’s how some Mumsnetters describe the feeling of a contraction. Those of faint heart, look away now!
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Like being kicked by a horse. 
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My contractions made me want to curl up and want my Mummy to make it go away. I haven’t wanted my mother for 25 years. Nuff said really.
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Like someone is cutting you in half with a rusty hacksaw every couple of minutes.
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I think a lot of the weirdness of contractions is because it’s a huge muscular effort happening completely involuntarily. If you got that feeling in your arms when bench-pressing 30kg in the gym, you’d think 'fair enough', but when it’s happening in your belly without you doing anything to provoke it, it’s downright odd.
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