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Week 32
Your body in week 32
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It is not uncommon (although v. annoying!) to leak a bit of urine when you cough or laugh in the third trimester - the baby is pressing on your bladder, making it much more likely that a little pee will escape with a hearty guffaw. 

It can be hard to distinguish between this and leaking amniotic fluid - but if you think there's a chance it's the latter, see your GP or midwife to be on the safe side. Otherwise, keep up those pelvic floor exercises - the stronger the muscles, the less likely you are to continue to leak post-birth.
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After about 24 weeks, if you're still getting 'morning' sickness, you'll run to the bathroom, stripping off as you go, as you'll need to stand in the bath because you're going to wee with every retch.
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