Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 32"

Week 32
Your baby in week 32
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It's getting a bit cramped in there now, so you may notice your baby's movements are getting a bit less somersaulty (technical term). He is 42cm from head to toe - about the same length as a large box of Milk Tray. Disappointingly, your Milk Tray Man won’t be arriving on a zip wire dressed in black. He’ll be using the tradesman’s entrance. Yes. THAT one.

With luck your baby will already be head down, but don't fret if not; there's still time for him to do the decent thing and head for your pelvis - only five per cent of babies are breech by week 38.
Your baby is stretching out his body and examining it with his hands - he will touch his foot, for example, or grab the umbilical cord.

He’s also developing a firm handshake and getting ready to look you in the eye; his vision is improving as he learns how to adjust his lens in order to focus on objects near and far. 

Your baby's heart rate will fall when you start talking to him - the sound of your voice instinctively relaxes him. Rather gorgeously, he may also bounce up and down more when you laugh.
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I try to talk to the bump sometimes, more for me than him as I'm really trying to think of him as a person and I think this might help.
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I'm sure baby's had the pleasure of listening to my dulcet tones gobbing off at our two disobedient dogs on a regular basis. His first words will be "get down" or "no".
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