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Week 31
Antenatal appointments
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If you’re a first-time mum-to-be, you should have another antenatal appointment this week. You’ll be an old hand at all this now, but have you yet managed to wee into a pot without getting pee on your sleeve? (And you thought POAS stood for ‘pee on a stick’, didn’t you?)

The urine sample ‘protocol’ seems to differ from hospital to hospital. Brace yourself for being handed back your (full) sample though - many hospitals won’t stretch to a new one each time so you may well be given yours back. Although some blessed women are given a new pot at each appointment... Mr Ambassador, with your plethora of pee pots, you are really spoiling us!

Here, some Mumsnetters wax lyrical about their antenatal appointment urine sample experiences.
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I bought a funnel when weeing into the sample pot became too tricky and messy.
Author 1
Quote 2
When I was pregnant, I bought a 'special for the purpose' cheapy plastic jug from Asda and weed into that then decanted.
Quote 2 - Author
Quote 3
We have to re-use one pot. I thought it was a practical joke first time round!
Quote 3 - Author
Quote 4
I was given my wee back to dispose of myself! Once I forgot to empty it and found it in my work bag on Monday morning, after a whole weekend of sitting around... Bleurgh!
Quote 4 - Author
Quote 5
When I was in labour with my first baby, I noticed on my millions of wanders around the hospital corridors that they had an exhibition on the walls. It was photographs of all the weird containers people have brought samples in. My favourite was a Jack Daniels miniature bottle.
Quote 5 - Author
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