Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Varicose veins"

Week 31
Varicose veins
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If your own Ma had varicose veins, then chances are it was all your fault: a baby in the womb can press against the veins that collect blood from your legs, and pregnancy hormones can jigger the valves that usually push the blood up the leg, too. The veins start bulging as a result, and may itch and ache; they can also look a bit unpleasant. 

Truth be told, there isn't much you can do to stop them if they're coming, although some people suggest support stockings (maternity ones, to avoid restricting your circulation), and swimming or doing other exercise regularly.

If that's feels a bit beyond you, try keeping your legs uncrossed when sitting down and, if possible, raise them higher than the level of your heart when resting. And if you've already got 'em, console yourself with the fact that they usually go away (or they do after your *first* baby, at least)... 
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My very largest varicose vein (so enormous, I nearly named it) disappeared completely after I gave birth.
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Get some RAL standard compression stockings (on prescription) - these are the gold standard for maintaining circulation. Some of the stockings aren't pretty but they are a medical device and very effective.
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