Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 31"

Week 31
Your baby in week 31
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Your baby is on the finishing stretch - just a few important developments to go to prime them for life independent of your body.

She is now producing insulin to control blood sugar levels; her liver is producing bile (important for breaking down fats into useful fatty acids) and her kidneys are busy making urine (have been, in fact, since the 10th week of pregnancy).

It's all just for practice, of course: your placenta is still doing everything your baby needs - providing food, oxygen and removing waste products.

Your baby's muscles are coming along nicely now, too - and you may even see them kicking. Slightly disconcerting at times - but amazing nonetheless.
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I’m certain my baby was doing handstands the other night. I had a number of pointy-out bits. Frankly I am expecting Nadia Comaneci to exit in a few weeks time.
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