Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 30"

Week 30
Your baby in week 30
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Week 30. All of a sudden, B-Day doesn’t sound that far off does it?  Your baby is still gaining weight rapidly - around 500g until week 32 and then about 250g a week until week 35. He’s the size of a pretty hefty cabbage now.

All five of their senses will be in working order, and he or she will be practising important life skills, such as sucking fingers and thumbs. They're also developing memory: scientists have calculated that at 30 weeks, babies have about 10 minutes of short-term memory (probably more than enough, given the close quarters they're living in). 

Your baby will now be able to move their eyeballs. Alas, there isn't much to see in your womb - but if they glimpse a bright light through the gloom they'll already be having a pupillary light reflex - where the pupil (the dark bit in the centre of the eye) gets smaller. 

Even though your baby has the right nerve cells to distinguish colours, they won't kick into action until they're born - so for now everything in the womb appears monochrome. 
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I'm sitting watching baby jumping about. The movements are very noticeable now. I can't wait for my other half to have a chance to sit and watch.
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