Pregnancy App Article: "Need a laugh?"

Week 29
Need a laugh?
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Out of the mouths of (bigger) babes. Mumsnetters share some of the funny comments older children have passed on their impending arrivals...
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My daughter (age three) looking at me closely after a shower: 'I think the baby might have moved into your bottom, Mummy'.
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Quote 2
My nephew, aged five: 'Do your eggs know that you're not married?'
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Quote 3
I got asked today, 'Is the baby going to be a goodie or a baddie?'
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Quote 4
When I was very pregnant with my daughter, I was wearing a hoodie with a pocket that went across the front of it. A little boy came up to me outside my son’s nursery and asked why I was keeping his football in my pocket!
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Quote 5
I got a new sling for my birthday and it came in a pretty box with a picture of a sleeping newborn in the sling. My son exclaimed in round-eyed awe 'It's the baby!'. He was most disappointed to find a length of fabric in the box instead. If only it was that simple…
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