Pregnancy App Article: "What's new? Trying to sleep"

Week 29
Tiredness and discomfort
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You may feel tip-top right up until the time you give birth (and even after, if you're lucky) - but don't be worried if you feel a bit tired, and need more rest than usual as the weeks go on. Lots of things might be conspiring against you getting your usual number of Zs at night.

As your baby gets bigger, it's harder to get comfortable, and once he or she has turned to take up their exit position, you may find the pressure from their head on your bladder will make you wake to pee. Take heart: it's nature's helpful way of preparing you for the broken nights ahead with a newborn. Cheers, nature.
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I have never been so tired. I thought the tiredness stopped after the first trimester but mine seems to be getting worse. I can only suggest getting as much sleep as you possibly can and avoid trying to do too much. 
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Some days by lunchtime I am so tired, I have to leave work and come home for a sleep. 
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