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Week 29
Your baby in week 29
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Your baby is certainly piling on the pounds now, and developing some lovely chubby baby contours. Okay, pounds might be an overstatement, but she's putting on a not-inconsiderable 15g a day - not bad for a tiddler of 38cm (about the size of a butternut squash). Soon enough, fat will make up a full eight per cent of her bodyweight.

The hard-wiring of your baby's brain is continuing apace - all those nerve connections will help to determine his or her personality, and how their body works.

Crucially, most of your baby's smaller airways are now prepared for breathing independently of you, though the little air sacs that branch out at the end of these airways will continue to multiply until your child is a whopper of eight years old (which is why respiratory problems often get better as kids get older).

Depending how you feel, you may be fretting about how long you still have to go - or worrying about how soon your baby could put in an appearance. It will most likely be starting to really sink in that you're about to experience a truly life-changing event, and that - gulp - only you can give birth to your baby. 

Don't fret alone - Mumsnet Talk is packed with women who've been through this whole birth thing. However absurd you may think your anxieties are, you'll find answers and reassurance from those who've been there, done that - and have the babies to prove it!
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Obviously the bump is going to become a baby at some point soon, but it still feels completely unreal.
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