Pregnancy App Article: "What to expect: Friendships"

Week 28
Changing relationships during pregnancy
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If your friends don't have babies, you might find that your relationships are under a bit of strain now. This might particularly be the case if they've had issues surrounding pregnancy themselves. Tell them how much you like them (if you do) and how this is weird for both of you. Be clear that you need their support and will still be there when they need you - but maybe not *just* after you've had your baby, as you'll be a little tied up, in which case, tell them the kettle's over there.
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You have nothing to feel guilty about, if they're funny about it, it has nothing to do with you but with their own feelings.
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When all my friends found out they all said 'oh I can't wait to touch your bump and feel it kick!' I just said 'no, I really don't like people touching me'. Guess what? They still attempt to touch it and try and feel it when I'm off guard! I think one day soon someone may get a very big telling off...but I'll just blame the hormones.
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