Pregnancy App Article: "Monitoring baby movements"

Week 28
Monitoring baby movements
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Your baby will kick, flutter, swish or roll pretty regularly. If he does this less often, there is some evidence that this may indicate he is in trouble, so it’s always worth getting checked out.

Advice varies on how often you should feel your baby move. The marker was always 10 kicks in two hours, but every baby is different and the way every mum-to-be feels the movements is different, too, so the best advice is to get to know your baby’s movements so you’re aware if there is a sudden reduction in them.

Babies can move anywhere between four and 100 times an hour so there’s no one answer as to how often she should be moving. Most women who think their baby is moving less will have a normal healthy baby. But if you think your baby is moving less than usual and you have lain down, clapped, drunk cold water and still aren't sure you can feel him, then you should ring your doctor or midwife straight away. Don't wait. Everyone will be delighted to hear or see your baby's heart beat, so do not worry about wasting people's time.

You can read more about your baby’s movements at
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So many women do not want to bother anyone and so leave it 24-48 hours of reduced movement and by then it is just too late. Women feel they are fussing if they do ask for extra monitoring.
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