Pregnancy App Article: "Rhesus negative and the anti-D injection"

Week 28
Rhesus negative and the anti-D injection
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If you're rhesus negative you'll be offered anti D jab at the start of your third trimester. Mums with rhesus negative blood, who have a baby who is rhesus positive can be exposed to their blood and develop an immune response known as ‘sensitisation’. Rh positive blood has a molecule known as the RhD antigen on the surface of the red blood cells. Small amounts of your baby’s blood can pass into yours during the third trimester but an anti-D injection will prevent you being sensitised to their blood. 

You’ll either get one injection at some point between weeks 28 and 30, or one in week 28 and one in week 34. Neither one is ‘better’ than the other - it will just depend on how your local hospital decides to do it.
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I'm 25 weeks and have had two top-up anti-D injections already as I seem to be having a lot of unexplained bleeds. Everyone told me it was an awful injection to have, but I had one of them today and it wasn't that bad.
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