Pregnancy App Article: "Your baby in week 28"

Week 28
Your baby in week 28
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Welcome to the third trimester!

Your baby’s eyes are open but he could only see to a distance of around 15-20cm at the moment - fortunately there aren’t many sweeping vistas to be had in the womb, so he’s not missing out on much yet. When he’s born, he can focus around the distance from your arms to your face. Big ‘awww!’ for clever old nature there.

He’s taking short power naps of around 20 minutes quite regularly, stocking up on the energy he needs to grow.

This week, the part of the brain linked to consciousness is activated so they can start to think. What he’s thinking about is anyone’s guess. Probably not house prices and the UK economy just yet but you never know.
This week he weighs just over a kilo - the same as a small bag of sugar.

As for you, well… Now you’re into the third trimester, it’s put-your-feet-up time. Don’t feel obliged but no one’s going to try to stop you from here on in. If you’ve still got major baby buys to be made, indulge in a spot of armchair shopping. Buying a buggy is so much more pleasant done by iPad with a cuppa in one hand and a nice soft cushion behind you.
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Just this week I have begun to feel heavily pregnant! Bump has suddenly got much bigger and is affecting how I walk.
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