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Week 27
How are you feeling this week?
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I’m 27 weeks and feel pretty much as normal, just bigger! The only symptom I've really had full stop is tiredness. Obviously, pregnancy is really tough on some women but I feel like there's a bit of scaremongering, it isn't awful for everyone by any means.
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I feel like I have no space at all between my bump and my boobs. The underband of my bra cuts in and folds over all the time. My maternity clothes are crap, jeans especially. They fall down all the time and one pair manages to simultaneously dig in while falling down! I could scream, if only I could breathe more easily!
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I've been feeling nine months pregnant since about 25 weeks; my bump is huge! Pelvic pain, ligament pain, constantly needing a wee, feeling breathless, hideous heartburn, struggling to get out of bed, bath, car etc.... I can't see how I can get much bigger but I still have weeks to go!
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